Radio Control Panel – Tweeting Status

I made a few updates to the WiFi Radio Control Panel.  I fixed a few bugs in the display, and in the start and stop logic, but the biggest addition was the ability to tweet the currently playing song and station.  Whenever the radio detects a new song is playing, it tweets a message to @SchampsNetRadio.  You can probably tell I’ve been listening to a lot of Groove Salad lately…

Anyway, there  are no new photos, but here are some of the old ones, to remind you how cool it looks:

This is all part of an entry in the AdaFruit Make It Tweet Challenge on Instructables, though I readily admit it has limited usefulness.  A nifty future update would be to allow some kind of Twitter-based control interface.  You’d need some kind of crypto or authentication system to prevent random strangers from messing up your tunes, though.

The updated code is in my GitHub Repository.

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