Bus Pirate Breakout 3.2

There was some interest in making another run of these, so after I fixed some of the spacing issues with the 6-pin ISP/SPI header (it was too close to the 10-pin BP header to have cables hooked up to both at the same time), I made another run.

I updated the version to be 3.2, meaning it is compatible with Bus Pirate v3, version 2 of the breakout board.

Here’s the Bus Pirate Breakout topic on the Dangerous Prototypes Forum that I’m using to track updates to the project.  There is a possibility that Ian will add this to the Dangerous Prototypes free PCB drawer.  If there is enough interest, I can do another run, hopefully at the low, low price of $3.

The source, as always, is available in my github repository.

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