Bus Pirate Breakout 0.1

My new Bus Pirate is great, but it’s kind of a pain to use the 10-pin cable and test clips to hook onto small components, and trying to find room for the Vpu pin alongside Vcc drove me to innovate.  So I made this breakout board, which connects to the Bus Pirate with a 5×2 to 5×2 cable.


  • breadboard breakout for all 10 pins
  • a power connector for providing VCC from an external source
  • a VCC select jumper so you can pick 5V or 3V3 from the Bus Pirate (or leave it open for external power)
  • a VPU-VCC select jumper, so you can tie Vpu to whatever you have selected for VCC
  • a 4-pin “standard” I2C header
  • a 3-pin “standard” 1-wire header
  • a 6-pin AVR ISP header (can also be used as an SPI breakout)

I got the boards from the DorkbotPDX PCB order, the same place I got the Bus Pirate v3b FTDI boards.  Once again, they are this totally awesome shade of purple.

You might be interested in the original forum post discussing it.


The Eagle design files are available from my Github repository.  I’ll probably be breaking everything out into separate repositories soon.


The front.  It’s kind of crowded, because I wanted to keep it under 1 sq. in.  I did, but the 10-pin cable connector gets a little tight with the 6-pin SPI connector.  The “Vcc Select” header allows you to tie either the 3V3 or 5V pin from the Bus Pirate to “Vcc”  If you don’t choose, you can provide something else for Vcc at the “Power” header.  The “Vpu-Vcc” header allows you to connect whatever you have on Vcc to the Vpu pullup pin.  This is super handy for I2C stuff (my primary use for the BP at the moment).

Another angle of the front.  Those little tabs on the edges break off quite easily.  You can see the staggered header pins, which I got from the “Sneaky Footprints” Sparkfun Tutorial.  They help the headers stay in place and lined up better during assembly, which is great when you have things in the way that keeps you from just sticking it in a breadboard.

The back side.  I would have made this myself, but there just wasn’t room to make it one-sided without some jumpers, and I wanted a nice clean design.  The PCB order is cheap enough that it’s worth it (although the wait can get old).

Here it is, assembled.  You can tell it took me enough time to put together that the light got much worse, and I really had to drive up the exposure on these images of the assembled version.

Another shot of the front, kind of blurry.  I should try harder not to focus on the tips of the header pins…

This one’s a little better.  Longer header pins for the breadboard make it easier to get in.

The back, assembled.

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3 Responses to Bus Pirate Breakout 0.1

  1. blodgar says:

    Nicely done…makes it easier for us who have (as my buddy Don says) “hands like feet”

  2. Mick Mearns (MickM) says:

    do you have any extras for sale?

    I cannot do double-sided boards, and of course no silkscreen.

    Mick M.

    • schazamp says:

      I am all out at the moment, but I was thinking of ordering a small batch, one of which could be yours, for $4, shipped. They wouldn’t be ready for 2-3 weeks. Would you be interested?

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