Bus Pirate Enclosure

My original Bus Pirate v3b FTDI had a vertical 6-pin FTDI cable header, but I found that the weight of the cable sticking up pulled the tiny board over.  I wanted to fit it into this matchbox enclosure anyway, so I replaced the header.

Here you can see a 6-pin right-angle header where the vertical header used to be.

The box was a little too big, so I used a 6-pin pass-thru header as an extender.  I cut a slit in the box, and the extender fit snugly.

This foam double-sided tape works well for holding things in place.  If I had thought this through, I would have skipped putting the LEDs on the bottom…oh well.

Here’s the Bus Pirate taped in place, and hooked up to the header extender.

There’s still plenty of room for the test pin cable.

And also plenty of room for the box lid when I’m not using it.

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