I have released BusPirate-v3b-FTDI-0.3, which has:

  • room for a shrouded I/O header
  • Sparkfun’s locking header rows (see http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/114)
  • more clearance around voltage regulators, for easier assembly
  • improved label size and positioning

I don’t intend to produce any more boards, unless someone wants me to put together a kit for them, but I felt like these updates were worth making anyway.

You can find the zip distribution here: https://github.com/schamp/Schazamp/downloads
Or check here for the source:

This one comes in at 1.425″ x 1.110″, which is ~1.58 sq. in., which would be about $7.90 for three at Laen’s DorkboxPDX service.

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