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I have released BusPirate-v3b-FTDI-0.3, which has: room for a shrouded I/O header Sparkfun’s locking header rows (see more clearance around voltage regulators, for easier assembly improved label size and positioning I don’t intend to produce any more boards, unless … Continue reading

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BusPirate-v3-FTDI-0.2 Photos

Here’s the front of the board, courtesy of the DorkbotPDX PCB service.  Nice purple solder mask!  Note a few issues with tenting the vias, and the silkscreen being too close.  Also, VR4 is awfully close both to VR3 and the … Continue reading

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Radio Control Panel – LCD Text Scroller

To meet the deadline for the Instructables Microcontroller contest, I had to write up and submit the Instructable before I could put up my detailed write-up here.  There’s still a lot of write-up to do, but I wanted to spend … Continue reading

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