Datalogger 8 – Followup 1


  1. Chapter 0 – Introduction
  2. Chapter 1 – Arduino I2C
  3. Chapter 2 – Continuous EEPROM Addressing (digression)
  4. Chapter 3 – Update and Sleep Design
  5. Chapter 4 – Clock Design and Sleep Investigation
  6. Chapter 5 – Gallery
  7. Chapter 6 – Results
  8. Chapter 7 – Final Report
  9. Chapter 8 – Followup 1

I figured out what was wrong with the assembly. It turns out I had gotten the SDA and SCL pins on my Boarduino backwards. They were wrong on the schematic, too – the nets were named properly, the labels were in the wrong place, leading me astray. Once I re-soldered the perfboard, the device worked in its assembled state, and I’ll put it back out in the garden tomorrow (when it’s done raining).

Here’s the updated schematic:

Also, I put the code up on google code, tracked with subversion. You can now browse the source directly. I updated the main code, fixing a bug that was causing a sample to be taken immediately upon reset or entering embedded mode, instead of hourly. I moved the command to take a sample to just after the wakeup command, so that should do away with bad data with unexpected timestamps. I also put the Eagle schematic in there.

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